Metta3 is a Social Media Management and Marketing Company that helps take care of all your Social Marketing Needs

We help entrepreneurs, small business and growing companies in around the world share their stories and grow their brands.

NO.1 - WHY US?

Mettā means benevolence, loving-kindness, amity,good will, and active interest in others

Metta is our ethos. We strive to deliver the best social media marketing services crafted with love at a price you can afford. We know all about being a small or growing business and what it takes to grow your social media presence. All content and growth plans are  individually tailored for your business and our friendly team of expert social media managers are always just a call away.


Truly affordable premium social content & marketing services which we can offer you.

Metta3 is a social media marketing company that offers affordable social media management and marketing services to help you market more effectively on Social Media and grow your business. We specialize in Social Media Content Plans & Marketing Campaigns that get you real social followers, engaged social audiences and enhance your online presence.

NO.3 - MyMetta

Over 80% of small businesses who use it, say they can’t live without MyMetta

MyMETTA is social media management reimagined. MyMetta saves you endless hours by scheduling posts, analyzing performance, suggesting content and managing all your social accounts and social media interaction from one simple to use place.Reduce the effort it takes to get ahead of your competitors on social media and shout about your business, raising money for charity or running an epic promotion! 

NO.4 - Global Reach

Scale & Optimise Your Social Media Presence

International Social Media & SEO Experts, with 10 years digital marketing expertise in SE Asia, we work closely with you to understand your business and provide tailor made services to achieve your social marketing goals.

Servicing clients in the ASEAN region, Camboda, Thailand, Myanmar, Europe and APAC, our ultimate goal is to transform your social marketing success and help you reach new potential customers.

Ready to Work Together?

Let’s make some social magic happen for your business.
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