SEO in Asia

SEO in Asia

The Asia-Pacific region has both the worlds largest and fastest growing internet users, with 22% more internet users than Europe.  Marketing your product or service in Asian markets presents unprecedented opportunities for business growth and ROI.

Successfully entering, establishing and conducting International SEO  in Asia Pacific markets can be a huge challenge for  companies unfamiliar with the region.

Google Functionality coming to Asia

Residents in South East Asia can look forward to a new range of services from Google in a move to meet the needs of a growing market. Google expects another one billion people globally to join the online masses by 2015, with most of these coming from emerging markets.

Most of the roughly 500 million who have already done so during the period are now online via mobile phones, a trend that is expected to continue through to 2015, said Julian Persaud, managing director of Google Southeast Asia.

Google is currently making investments in order to establish data centres across the SEA region. This will enable the search engine’s products  such as Maps and Google Places for Business to work more effectively in Asia

Local Competition or Google in Asia?

It’s important to remember that while Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, it doesn’t have a monopoly in every market. In Asia, local competitors such as Chinese giant Baidu, Soso and Naver in South Korea, Yahoo Japan and Yahoo Taiwan dominate their own markets and if you want to make inroads into Asia your SEO strategy must take into account these differences.

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