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Easily manage your social profiles, find and schedule great content and monitor its social impact all from one single login.

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Put Your Social Accounts to work for YOU with MyMetta, the social media scheduler, that makes managing and planning your social content easy and saves a ton of time




social done the right way gets more visitors

The best times to post on Facebook are Wednesday at noon and 2 p.m. and Thursday at 1 and 2 p.m

The easiest way to manage social media!

Free Features You Will Love!

MyMetta saves you endless hours scheduling posts, analyzing performance, researching content and managing all your social accounts and social media interaction. All of this from a single secure login.

Social Media Scheduler

Social Account Manager

Easily manage and monitor your Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn Pages and Pinterest via one login. It's uber easy to use, works across all devices and saves you a ton of time.

post Scheduler

Schedule content to all your social accounts in one place with a single login. Easily schedule a week's worth of engaging social content to your various platforms in 20 or 30 minutes

content curation

Research and find relevant and engaging news, articles or you tube videos and easily then add them to your new social media posts right from the dashboard with just a few clicks or let us write the content for you!

quick web links

Easily create web links to your products that can be included in your social posts with a single click improving your website conversions and sales

free social media management platform

save valuable time

Create your own Social Content Calendar and auto publish social media content across all of your social media networks at a day and time you choose, days, weeks or even months ahead

hootsuite alternative

Incredible Image Posts

A picture paints a thousand words. Create high impact image posts with MyMetta in just a few minutes with our visual tools

instagram scheduler

Engage with your audience

Answer Facebook & Twitter Queries directly from the dashboard via embedded social streams

buffer alternative

Global Languages

International Business. No problem. MyMetta is available in English, Thai, French, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Thai and Turkish. More Languages Coming Soon

Optional MyMetta PRO features that will set your social feeds buzzing

Upgrade from your FREE dashboard  for even more awesome features (and a small monthly fee).  

post on the goPro

Works on IOS and Android so you can manage your social media, snap, edit and upload images and content to all your social media account on the go

post & time analysis Pro

Analyze your best performing content/hashtags. Find optimal times of day to post and easily reschedule your most successful and liked content

social monitoring Pro

Measure all your social campaign performances and best content to help you get more traffic and generate more leads

hashtag analysisPro

Measure all your social campaign performances and best content to help you get more traffic and generate more leads

Business BrandingPro

Using customisable templates, brand stickers, images and logos you can easily create your own professional looking social media posts

What Our Lovely Clients Say

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Overall Rating
"I stopped for coffee this morning and have been posting things about like crazy, IT’S SO EASY! I’m going to send it to all my friends. It’s a winner and I wish I had found you sooner."
Will B
Dog Trainer
"I have gotten at least 50 times the value from MyMetta. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!"
Guy J
Education consultant
"Thank you for making social media posting painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! MyMetta is exactly what our business has been lacking."
Mary W

social media management made

Easily manage, find and schedule great social content and measure your social impact all from one secure dashboard

14 Day MyMetta PRO Trial Included.
No Credit Cards Required.

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